Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory Was Established
2021-07-27 1311
National Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center and Shenzhen Radio Testing Technology Research Institute partner with 5G intelligent computing cutting-edge technology enterprises - Shenzhen Ntmer Technology Co., Ltd., 5G communication module leading enterprises - SIMCom Wireless Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xinwan Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. held the unveiling ceremony of the 5G Technology Joint Laboratory at Shenzhen International Innovation Center on July 27, 2021, and the Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory was officially announced. Huang Zhengyu, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Wu Junling, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Futian District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau (Association for Science and Technology), Deputy Director of the National Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center, Zhang Sha, President of Shenzhen Radio Testing Technology Research Institute, Robin Ma, founder and CEO of the Shenzhen Ntmer Technology, and Yang Tao, chairman of SIMCom Wireless Technology, attended the unveiling ceremony of the Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory.

The 5G Technology Joint Laboratory is based on the concept of industry-research integration and innovation. It will initially focus on the research and development of 5G+4K+AI intelligent computing terminal products and supporting cloud service systems. It takes the 5G network upgrade of urban drones as a breakthrough to seek 5G technology empowerment, realizing multi-scenario technological innovation and value creation in traditional industries. At the same time, the laboratory will provide technical support, consultation, and license certification for enterprises that are willing to study 5G projects in depth, as well as supply industry research, analysis, and trend judgment of 5G applications for government-industry development support and guidance departments at all levels.

Ntmer, a member of Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory, revealed that the leading enterprise in the field of drones in the industry-Zhejiang Micromulticopter Co., Ltd. and the leading enterprise of tailstock drones-Shenzhen HEQ Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will cooperate with Ntmer. Based on the 5G joint laboratory design and development of the latest generation of 4K+5G network-connected control UAV technology, through collaboration, the 5G network-connected UAV will be pushed from the laboratory to the actual commercial operation, and the application field and value of the UAV will be expanded.
Robin Ma, CEO of Ntmer, said that as a high-tech start-up company ( born in the 5G era and focusing on the 5G intelligent computing track, Ntmer will combine its own team's technical accumulation and focus on ARM-based computing systems, digital image compression transmission algorithm and 5G mobile communication terminal application technology. Ntmer will explore and develop the commercial scenarios of 5G technology, and create 5G-related products and technical solutions that can be continuously mass produced and delivered, forming a commercial closed loop. Ntmer welcomes more industry partners to join the 5G joint laboratory project practice, promote the widespread implementation of 5G technology, and accelerate society’s digital upgrade and efficiency improvement.
Accordingly, the Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory will use the rich experience of the laboratory members' own high-end R&D team and the accumulation of the industry to independently develop many 5G application core technologies with high technical value, such as high-definition image technology, 3D Image technology, RTCODEC, RTC technology, networking technology, etc., attract leading companies from various vertical industries to develop industry killer applications jointly.
Robin Ma, CEO of Ntmer Technology, said that the latest international advanced real-time image encoding and decoding technology & real-time network transmission protocol (NTRTCP) developed by Shenzhen 5G Technology Joint Laboratory supports the 5G mobile communication network with low latency and large bandwidth. It will realize the real-time transmission of networked high-definition video images and bidirectional control signals. Through this advanced 5G real-time image transmission control system, 2D or 3D real-time images and various remote sensor data are collected and transmitted to the control room or cloud in real-time. People can see 2D or 3D remote high-definition through a large screen or VR helmet, allowing more real-time images and perception of various real-time sensor data to achieve more real-time remote sensing and remote control, such as construction machinery equipment, drones, engineering vehicles, robotic arms, and robots, etc. This realizes the productivity application of 5G, using 5G to change society. The communication between people and things tends to be saturated, yet in the 5G era, the communication between people and things, things and things will shine.