5G Video-Control Box (NX2)

5G Video Transmission Control System With Powerful Airborne AI Computing

5G Video-Control Box (NX2)


5G Video-Control Box (NX2) is a high-performance 5G industry-level airborne communication terminal with ultra-long-range, real-time, high-definition video transmission and real-time control functions built for UAVs and other mechanical equipment.

Using the 5G network and self-developed video compression and transmission protocols, the control data and video data can be directly and transparently transmitted, realizing remote real-time interaction between front-end equipment and the operation center. With cloud platform computing and cloud platform distribution, the device has supercomputing capabilities.

Powerful Pro

The NX2 5G Video — Control Box PRO has stronger onboard computing capabilities, adding functions such as real-time video processing, AI computing, video mapping, graphic video overlay, etc. The onboard computing terminal can directly control UAVs and pods and the cloud for further data processing.
  • 1080P/4K


    Ultra HD Video
  • HD<100ms


    Ultra-low latency direct and transparent transmission
  • Super AI
computing power

    Super AI
    computing power

    Cloud-pipe-terminal hybrid computing
5G Direct Transparent

5G Direct Transparent

Taking advantage of the low-latency characteristics of 5G, the self-developed direct, transparent transmission network protocol (NTRTC) is used to transparently transmit 5G and the public network without a fixed IP address or data server. It has high bandwidth, low latency, low cost, no IT maintenance, and more.
Powerful CPU

Powerful CPU

The PRO version is equipped with a powerful ARM AI multi-core SOC processing system and an independent video processing unit, providing 21TOPS onboard computing power. Support airborne AR function, mark and identify ground targets, automatic calculation, automatic tracking, automatic flight, etc.

HD Videos

HD Videos

Capable of supporting 1080P 60pfs /4K 30pfs video real-time compression transmission and has powerful QoS functions with self-adaptive picture quality, ensuring smooth video transmission in a poor network environment.

Ultra Low Latency

Ultra Low Latency

Running the self-developed transmission protocol of NTM (NTRTC), the ideal environment can realize the end-to-end HD Video transmission delay of <100ms and the flight control command delay of <30ms.
Strong Adaptability

Strong Adaptability

The 5G real-time serial port supports various drone flight control systems and supports mainstream DJI industry drones (M300, M30, M200).
Flexible Expansion

Flexible Expansion

Provide a variety of interfaces to connect different external devices. Easy to adapt to a variety of video sources and control systems to integrate into a single platform, making the operation more convenient. Interface mode: HDMI, RJ45 network interface; two-way MIPI; SIM card, TF card, USB3.0, GPIO, etc.

Superb Design

The all-aluminum alloy shell and the inner layer are designed to ensure excellent structural strength and integrity. Built-in high-efficiency heat dissipation array and large-area heat dissipation fins cooperate with the fan flow field, significantly improving the cooling efficiency.

Stable Performance

Part of the relevant test items passed by the GB∕T38924.2-2020 standard: are high-temperature test, low-temperature test, low-pressure test, vibration test, shock test, humidity test, waterproof test, safety test, electromagnetic compatibility test, and cumulative work test.

Processor Quad-Core Arm®Cortex®-A57 MPCore processor
Memory 4GB
Network Video Input RJ-45
Video Input HDMI1.4
UART Interface 4PIN 1.25MM
USB2.0 Interface Support firmware upgrading
Extendible Interface GPIO
5g Network (compatible with 4G) 5G (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom);4G Ftd-LTE;3G WCDMA;2G;2G CDMA
Antenna 4 omnidirectional antenna
SIM Card Type Nano SIM
Micro SD Card Slot Video recording up to 512G
Video Format 720P 60fps/1080P 30fps/1080P 60fps /4K 30fps,
Video Encoding Format H.264、VP8
Video Transmission Protocol NTRTCP
Video Transmission Streaming 3~25Mbps network adaptation
Network Video Format RTSP Video streaming<10Mbps
Video Transmission Latency <100ms (5G network,shaking<10ms,Signal intensity>-85dbm)
Control Transmission Protocol SCTP
Control Transmission Latency <30ms
Power Interface Type XT-30
DC Input DC9~24V
Power Consumption 10~20W
Weight 250g(Excluding antenna weight);Antenna weight(32 克 X2)
Volume 99X64X33mm
Operating Temperature 0°~45°
AI Pro Scale PRO Version 21TOPS
Function And Support

Cloud Computing Function

  • 1. Cloud video distribution, cloud real-time control.
    2. Connect to various industry cloud platforms to realize drone supervision and control.
    3. Supports multi-computing on the cloud and the pipe end, and the airborne computing results are synchronized to the cloud in real-time through the 5G network for recomputing.

Customized Support

  • 1. MIPI multi-channel high-definition camera module input, multiplex transmission.
    2. 3D VR Video acquisition and transmission and stereo imaging rendering reconstruction.
    3. Real-time transmission and recording of Videos and videos of in-vehicle Internet of Vehicles.
    4. Remote vision and remote control of robots and robotic arms.
    5. VR live broadcast.
    6. Remote multi-channel real-time conference system.