Ntmer Raised Tens of Millions of Yuan in an Angel Financing Round
2022-02-16 2196
Shenzhen Ntmer Technology Co., Ltd. (Ntmer) announced on February 16, 2022, right at the start of the Year of the Tiger, that it recently closed an angel financing round which raised tens of millions of yuan from the sole investor Matrix Partners. This is a major milestone for Ntmer, a new force in intelligent computing founded a year ago, that is going to draw industry attention.
Robin Ma, founder and CEO of Ntmer, said: "Ntmer is a key and core technology firm born in the age of 5G. Focusing on 5G intelligent computing, Ntmer designs and develops a series of computing terminal products and industry application solutions backed by three technical pillars, namely ARM processor computers, digital image compression and transmission algorithms, and 5G mobile communication applications. Ntmer is a global leader in the industry in terms of energy-efficient ARM processor computers and 5G high-definition video compression and transmission technology." 
Before Robin Ma founded Ntmer on December 18, 2020, he was founder and CEO of Beijing Tianmi Technology Co., Ltd. and founder and managing director of Xiaomi Corporation's laptop business. Robin Ma has been engaged in the ICT industry for over 20 years during which he worked on the front lines of business strategy planning, organizational development, operation management, and product development. The Ntmer core team is a group of scientists, engineers and senior marketing experts who once worked for internationally prestigious IT companies for many years. Ntmer's headquarters and branch offices are located in Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen International Innovation Center, Futian District, and Beijing.
Huadong Wang, a Partner of Matrix Partners China, said: "Changes in computing architecture and the application of such technologies as 5G and cloud computing are dramatically changing various consumer terminals. Ntmer's founding team boasts extensive experience in ARM architecture-based computing systems, digital image compression and transmission algorithms, and 5G mobile communication terminal applications, along with wide recognition and strong support from world-class supply chain partners. Matrix Partners looks forward to seeing the Ntmer team draw upon their past success to launch new products that wow users."
The Shenzhen 5G Joint Laboratory, initiated and co-funded by Ntmer, was established on July 27, 2021. Members of the laboratory include Shenzhen Institute of Radio Testing, Shenzhen Ntmer Technology Co., Ltd., SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited—a global leader in 5G communication module technology, and Shenzhen Xinwan Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. In the initial stage, the Shenzhen 5G Joint Laboratory will focus on developing 5G plus 4K plus AI intelligent computing terminal products and the associated cloud service system, and leveraging the 5G networked upgrading of industrial UAVs, seek to enable traditional industries with 5G technology and pursue technological innovation and value creation in a variety of scenes. 
Ntmer launched its independently developed 5G image transmission control box in December 2021. An application for national invention patent has been filed for the internationally leading real-time image encoding and decoding technology and real-time network transmission protocol (NTRTCP) of the control box. With the support of low-latency, large-bandwidth 5G mobile communication network, this technology allows 5G networked upgrading and renovation of conventional UAVs built on the existing UAV flying platform, and thus allowing remote control and real-time HD video and image transmission thousands of miles apart.
Going forward, Ntmer will develop a range of 5G network-based personal computing terminals, as well as 5G remote control products, HD real-time conferencing systems, and 5G livestreaming systems based on proprietary transmission protocols, in an effort to develop applied technologies in broader areas. 
In 2022, Ntmer will launch exiting new consumer terminal products.